Tata Sky is known to be one of the best DTH services in India, with intriguing channel packages and services at affordable price. High-quality video and audio transmission, user-friendly menu and navigation interface along with the exemplary quality of service makes Tata Sky more pleasurable for the masses.
Viewers of this DTH connection have the freedom to view their subscribed packs, add or upgrade their channel packages and order showcase movies.

Why Choose TATA Sky DTH Connection?
They are the leading DTH service provider in India. It is the first DTH operator to offer 4K ser-top-boxes to its consumers.

Dish TV is one of the most preferred DTH operators in India and is very well known for being a customer centric service provider. When you buy a Dish TV set top box, you can rest assured that you will enjoy a gleeful TV watching experience due to the fact that they provide you with amazing picture and audio quality without any technical hindrance and efficient 24X7 support system.
Viewers of this DTH connection have the freedom to recharge their DTH at local stores, online or through apps at any time as per their convenience. They can even add/remove channels as per their wish.

Why Choose Dish TV DTH Connection?
They have an effective customer service channel and vast distribution of dealers. The set top boxes are comparatively more cost effective than the competitors’.

One of the best quality set top boxes to come out in recent times is the Airtel DTH Connection. It has a diverse list of channels at very affordable prices and featuring high picture quality with Dolby digital surround sound. Their customer service quality is top notch and they are at your service at all times. Some of the unique features that make Airtel Digital TV set apart from its competitors are features like being able to book cinema tickets of your favorite movie, teleshopping, browse and travel holiday packages, watch on-screen watch details and much more.

Why Choose Airtel Digital TV DTH Connection?
They have interactive services customized for people of all ages. The set top box has a high inbuilt memory. Viewers enjoy an exceptional TV watching experience as the Airtel DTH uses Apex MPEG-4 Technology.

The Videocon brand name holds a strong position in the list of consumers’ preferences. Videocon D2H is yet another one of the best DTH operators out there in the market. Displaying a wide range of channels along with best picture quality and surround sound has always been their USP. This DTH connection ensures that viewers enjoy a high number of “Asli HD” channels.

Why Choose Videocon D2H Connection?
Videocon D2H offers the highest number of “Asli HD” channels on its platform. They also have the highest number of regional language channels.

So should you choose to ignore the cable-wallah and opt instead for DTH, here is distilled information on which company offers what. Read carefully and decide. Here are the top four DTH and choose from these the best DTH service in India.

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