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It isn’t complicated to buy a DTH Set Top Box in India since it has become the only system for television broadcasting across India since 2011. Local cable service providers who provided analogue television connections were deemed obsolete, and it became a national policy that every home had to install a separate Set-Top box. This not only improved the quality of broadcasting services but also made television services more uniform all over the country!
Here are 5 notable benefits of buying a DTH connection from a reliable vendor online –

1: A Variety of Subscription Options – All the top service providers in India like TATA Sky, Airtel, Videocon, and Dish TV have equal bandwidth strength and comparable service quality. Local vendors usually have reseller’s plans from one or two DTH service providers, and this is not necessarily in your favor since it limits your options. An online vendor can offer their customers more options for service providers, and subscription plans. On the other hand, the local vendors typically promote only a few plans which are popular in that area.

2: Changing Between Service Providers – The cable operators did not entirely run out of business after 2011, as they were transitioned into local distributors for the main service providers. However, these vendors usually have a distributorship with one or two DTH service providers; since they cannot afford to be distributors for more brands. This limits your options if you want to change over to another service provider. If you buy a new DTH connection online; some of the top resellers in India have an exchange policy to help you switch between service providers without having to buy a new Set-Top Box every time.

3: Installation and Maintenance – Even though each of the top brands like TATA SKY and Airtel have their own offices in every region; much of the subscriptions are sold and managed through local distribution businesses. When you buy your DTH Set-Top Box online, the installations and services are managed directly by the service provider brand. Their technicians will always know the best possible direction to install the dish (antenna), and always have a steady supply of genuine spare parts for repairs. Local vendors on the other hand, often run out of genuine spare parts; and you may have to wait for some time before repairs are scheduled!

4: Multi-TV Subscription – Few people know that you can also buy a multi-TV DTH connection; which would allow you to connect any number of televisions in the house to a single common antenna. This is also quite practical for locations like hotels, offices, and hostels where there may be multiple televisions on the same floor/building. However, since most local vendors do not have these plans to offer, you can buy your Multi-TV new DTH connection online! Each television set is fitted with a separate Set-Top box, but they are connected to a single larger dish antenna, and the payment is a unified plan.

5: Comparing DTH Plans – Most individuals have a set budget when it comes to spending on their monthly television subscriptions. You should buy DTH Set Top Boxes online because these larger vendors would allow you to compare different plans within the same budget. Since smaller local vendors try to focus on subscriptions that they can earn more from; most of them would not even discuss the possible alternative plans with their customers!

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