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Before we begin this article, let’s remind everyone that Cable TV is dead in India as of 2018. The first regulations to transition from the old cable network system to a digitalized “Direct-to-Home” system was issued in 2007. By 2011, it was mandatory for every home to get their own set-top boxes along with DTH new connection offers.

What are the practical benefits of this transition?

Does it really do you any good as a consumer?

Or is it only about the bottom line for television channels and distributors?
Though you can buy DTH at the best prices online, what happened to cable operators?
These are some of the overall benefits of transitioning from Cable to DTH streaming –

1 – DTH services are much more secure than cable TV connections because they are directly drawing a broadcast signal from the satellite link. Firstly, you are better protected from lightning strikes, which is common in most regions of India. There is also no chance that a person could hook into your cable line and enjoy television at your expense. This was a common problem of the cable network system. Since the cable may be laid out over several hundred meters from your television, hooking into such an exposed source was rather simple!

2 – Foreign television channels and media companies were facing huge losses in the Indian market. They were providing services to many more homes than they were getting paid for. This is why many new channels are available for us since 2011. When you buy a DTH set-top box; you are paying the subscription to a service provider, who in turn, pays the channels directly. The government can also set fixed tax rates, and steadily improve the broadcasting industry. This would not be possible if the old cable system was still in place.

3 – Cable operators used to have all the power to control what you watch. They could temporarily disable a channel if there was political influence or local issues regarding any programming. This kept much of the public quite detached, especially before the age of smartphones and online news. Very few areas in remote suburban towns and villages still operate on the cable network system, but this is illegal. According to the broadcasting laws set by the Indian authorities, every individual home must have their own DTH subscription. Companies like DTH Compare even cater to consumers across the country via a single online portal.

4 – Your DTH new connection offers are directly benefiting the quality of programming in India. Prior to set-top boxes, there were several premium broadcasts which were unavailable to many viewers. New channels and pay-per-view streaming services are now a reality for Indian homes. You can directly pay for a movie or live event via your set-top box instead of having to buy DVDs. With most of these features being modifiable online, it is a much more beneficial management system in terms of the viewer experience, as well as a business!

5 – When you buy DTH at the best prices online from retailers like DTH Compare, you have much more flexibility as a consumer. In the days of cable television, you had no choice in your subscription. Every home paid a monthly sum to their local distributor, who usually monopolized a certain zone within a few kilometers. The DTH system is simply fair to the customer, who can now choose to go with TATA Sky, Airtel, Videocon, or any other service provider they want. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of the mandatory set-top box!

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