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Indian consumers often think that since the mandate of 2011 to switch to DTH services was issued, they are entitled to HD programming.
This misconception has created much ruckus since many customers were angry that their Digital Connection was no better than the old cable operators. Perhaps this was all due to misunderstood advertising!

In general, we Indians have a habit of taking any celebrity-endorsed advertising at face value.
The moment some celebrity speaks about their awesome TATA Sky DTH connection offers; most feel that their viewing experience will change magically if they purchase that package.
In reality, however, your individual DTH connection and picture quality actually depend on 3 very fundamental factors –

1 – You Need the Right Kind of Set-Top Box
The services for your TATA Sky DTH HD new connection offer are going to provided by two reputed international brands – the TATA Group from India, in collaboration with Sky PLC from UK. Similarly, other service providers like Airtel or Videocon also have separate service packages. To access High-Definition picture quality, however, you need to buy an HD set-top box.
Along with the right kind of set-top box, HD channels are a part of special subscription packages. These cost a bit more than the regular subscription rates from different service providers. The first step towards a better viewing experience is buying the right set-top box from the service provider who has the best coverage within your area.

2 – You Need the Right Kind of TV
Just because you bought an HD set-top box, and paid for the connections doesn’t mean that you’ll get the sharp picture quality you’re expecting. You can’t expect the HD channels to show on older television sets. Most customers forget to upgrade their television sets! Service packages like TATA Sky DTH HD new connections are premium services, but you also need the hardware that supports such high picture and sound quality.
Whether you purchase a set-top box and connection from TATA Sky, Airtel, or Videocon; you need to purchase a TV with HD resolution. The best DTH distributors in India like DTH Compare will be able to give you plenty of subscription options, but you still need to buy your own TV.

3 – You Need to Buy the Right Channel Package
Once you’re set with the right TATA Sky DTH connection offers and the right television; it’s time to select your channel package. Now, this is a crucial factor, so read carefully –
Select the type of channels you like to watch on a regular basis. Every service provider will have a certain combo offers prepared according to their viewer demographics. However, you can also choose any additional channels you need. Remember though, that every channel you add to your subscription is going to cost you individually.

If you’re buying a TATA Sky DTH HD new connection offer, always try and find a vendor like DTH Compare. Large vendors with national reach have many more channel packages and options for set-top boxes for their clients. Online, you can compare prices from different service providers, and buy the channel package that suits you best!

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