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DTH connection is the most popular connection for watching TV through satellite channels. The full form of DTH service is direct to home. It offers several benefits to the customers.
Dish TV includes Hopper 3 which creates a good impact on the device. Hopper 3 can able to handle 500 hours of HD video storage. It is very simple to buy a DTH set-top box in India since it has become the only way for television broadcasting across India for a long time. DTH set top box not only improved the quality of broadcasting services but also made television services smooth and uniform across the country.

There are 3 advantages of buying new DTH connection online –

1: Multiple Subscription Options – An online DTH connection seller can offer his customers more options for service providers and subscription plans from the top service providers in India like TATA Sky, Airtel, Videocon, and Dish TV. On the contrary, the local vendors typically promote only a few plans which are popular in that area.

2: Switching Between Service Providers – The cable operators are local service providers who generally have vendors with distributorship with one or two DTH service providers; since they cannot manage to be distributors for more brands, so you cannot change if you want to change over to another service provider. If you buy a new DTH connection online some of the top resellers in India have an exchange policy to help you switch between service providers without having to buy a new Set-Top Box each time.

3: Connection and Services – The top brands like Tata Sky etc. sell the subscription to local distribution networks. But, when you buy your DTH Set-Top Box online, the installations and services are managed directly by the service provider brand. You will get best of technicians to install the dish antenna and regular supply of genuine spare parts for repairs. Local vendors are not so authentic and you will have to wait a lot for any kind of maintenance.

A multi-TV DTH connection would allow you to connect any number of televisions in the house to a single common antenna. It is good for big houses and commercial locations like offices etc. Local vendors cannot offer these many plans so you can buy your Multi-TV new DTH connection online to get versatile plans and multiple offers. Each television set is fitted with a separate Set-Top box, but they are connected to a single larger dish antenna, and the payment is a unified plan.

Buying DTH connection online would allow you to compare different plans within your budget. You may not get such options with the local vendors. So, if you are looking for the best plans at reasonable prices with flexibility and best quality you should buy an online DTH connection.

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